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Diabetes-related amputations increased rapidly in San Diego

Investigative data journalists at iNewsSource.org in San Diego released a surprising report about the dramatic increase in amputation surgeries resulting from diabetes. The investigation found “Statewide, lower-limb amputations increased by more than 31 percent from 2010 to 2016 when adjusted for population change. In San Diego County, the increase was more than twice that: 66.4 percent.” Click here to read the full story written by Cheryl Clark.

Also, click here to read iNewsSource.org’s Data Director Brandon Quester explain their  methodology for the investigation.

National Voter Registration Day

It’s National Voter Registration Day and election officials across the country are encouraging citizens to register ASAP. Here is Arizona the Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes is hosting a special voter education and registration event at Ability360,  a disability resource center near downtown Phoenix. Check out this article from Scottsdale local paper The Scottsdale Independent to learn more.

Disability activists protest in Israel and D.C.

This was a busy week for protestors expressing concerns on disability healthcare and economic allowances. Today in Washington, D.C. dozens of protestors voiced objection to the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill during congressional hearing on Capitol Hill. Many protestors, including ones using wheelchairs, were forcibly removed by Capitol Police.

Meanwhile in Israel protestors on Sunday blocked a major highway through Tel Aviv in protest of stagnant disability allowances. Israeli local paper Haaretz is tracking the ongoing story, click here to learn more.

3rd Annual Invictus Games for Veterans with Disabilities


The 3rd annual Invictus Games open tomorrow in Toronto, Canada and will feature some of the toughest athletes with disabilities from around the world. The event was created by Prince Harry of the UK and, according to the events homepage, involves “550 competitors from 17 nations” competing in 12 adaptive sports. ESPN today published a photo story titled “We are Unconquered” by Ioana Moldovan about the Romanian national team building tight friendships as they prepared to physically and mentally to compete.

Photo by Ioana Moldovan/ESPN. Romanian veteran Laurentiu Serban trains for the 2017 Invictus Games.
Photo by Ioana Moldovan/ESPN. Romanian veteran Laurentiu Serban trains for the 2017 Invictus Games.

NYT op-ed provides wise advice from a young author

Melissa Shang is only in 8th grade but she’s already written a highly-rated novel and led an online petition that went viral. The young, talented writer and wheelchair user recently wrote an opinion essay for the New York Times that defends her preference for a positive perspective while writing about characters with disabilities. Check out her essay ‘Stories About Disability Don’t Have to Be Sad’ by clicking here.

Applicants for disability benefits facing multi-year delays

The Social Security Administration faces a growing backlog of applications for disability benefits. Budget cuts have left the agency understaffed and slow to hold hearings with administrative judges responsible for reviewing cases.

Graphic shows number of people awaiting disability hearings and average wait times.
Graphic shows number of people awaiting disability hearings and average wait times.

“The average wait for a hearing is 602 days. Five years ago, it was less than a year,” writes reporter Stephen Ohlemacher for the Associated Press/Denver Post. Click here to read his full article.

Social Security disability backlog tops 1 million; thousands die on waitlist


Univ of Illinois students with disabilities creating ‘culture house’ to build community

A group of students with disabilities at the University of Illinois are working to found a ‘cultural house’ where they can build community. The process is in its beginning stages but the founders are hopeful the new community space would create a needed space for students with disabilities to appreciate their culture and organize for more awareness of disability topics. Click here to read the full article by Karen Liu in the student paper The Daily Illini.

Students with disabilities call for social community

Power outages in Florida led to 8 deaths at same nursing home

Officials in Hollywood, Florida have opened multiple criminal investigations into the deaths of 8 nursing home residents who died Wednesday morning from heat exhaustion during an ongoing power outage caused by Hurricane Irma. The New York Times is reporting that “More than three million customers in Florida still lacked power Wednesday, including roughly 160 nursing homes, according to the state’s tracking system.” Hollywood local paper The Sun-Sentinel is reporting 115 other senior residents at the home were evacuated from the overheated facility, but their relatives remain confused about their health status.