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Tips for interviewing people with disabilities

How can journalists do a better job interviewing people with disabilities?

Using the 2012 census to get information about disabilities

The Census Bureau has several pages on its site that deal with disability issues and conducts multiple surveys from which the information is derived.

Investigating Disability Issues

Twenty years since the passing of the ADA, disability issues remain a topic that receives little coverage by most news organizations. In that topic however, is a bounty of investigations waiting to be done. Here are some tips for getting more information on the disability front.

Using Data to Cover Disability Issues: A sampling of resources and how to use them

When we report about disability issues, we throw around a lot of basic numbers trying to tell our readers, viewers and listeners how many people are affected. Editors always demand the number of people, so they can make the readers care about these issues.

2 thoughts on “Reporters

  1. I filed for Social Security 6 years ago and the whole system is a joke. My case has been remanded twice because the judge made mistakes. I was finally awarded partial benefits in June 2108, but I seriously doubt I will ever get paid. There is one delay after another starting with a representative payee. My son was assigned on October 18 and my survivor benefits were deposited in his account in Novemnber. I got a letter dated December 4 stating I needed to go into the office to assign a representative payee. When I called, they said there are 2 separate payment centers and only one was advised. I also got a letter stating they were deciding whether I had ever received SSI, which I have not and never applied for because it negates the disability claim if you do that. I have received 6 notices saying I was denied for SSI in my application dated August 20, 2013. I got 2 notices stating that I was denied for Medicaid, again I didn’t apply, because I neglected to file for SSI. My case began in 2012. When I called to ask why I was receiving so many notices, the agent advised me that I had excessive assets, because I owned a home. I advised the agent I sold the home in 2004 and they are asking me to bring in proof. She said they are checking my assets from 2003 to the present, none of which has any bearing on my disability now. They also misreported my pension income. I was receiving $158.54 a month and they reported I was receiving $2000 a month. These things are just ridiculous. First of all, if I had ever gotten paid SSI, they should know immediately because they are the ones who would have paid it. They just do these things to prolong the process. I am 65, so they probably think I am one of the one of the tens of thousands who pass away while waiting each year. They have no email, and never provide a phone number, so the only way to communicate is by going to the office and waiting hours or by calling, but this does not even ensure that your paperwork will be processed correctly. It is tedious and over complicated and I truly wish we could interest anyone into making this more common knowledge.

    1. Hello Gloria,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. However, the NCDJ is a resources for journalists who cover stories about the disability community.
      I would recommend contacting your local media if you feel your situation is worth a news story.

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