Disability Language Style Guide
The National Center on Disability and Journalism developed this guide to provide context and recommendations for commonly used disability words and phrases.

Resources for journalists

Tips from expert journalists on data reporting, interviewing sources and more. Find reporting resources here.

Writing and editing
Guidance on choosing the right words when writing about disability. Find writing guidance here.

Media guides
A collection of guides from various organizations about effective, sensitive ways to talk about disability in the media. Find media guides here.

Publishing accessible content
A collection of tip sheets for publishers and journalists to ensure content is accessible to readers and viewers with certain disabilities. Find web accessibility guidance here.

Resources for educators

Print and broadcast exercises for journalism educators to administer students in class. Find the exercises here.

Terminology quiz
A quiz to test students on disability terms. Find the quiz here.

Resources for public relations professionals

PowerPoint presentations for public relations professionals

A resource explaining the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace. Find the link here.

A guide to disability inclusion in the workplace. Find the link here.

Ability Media Group

Ability Media was created by the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University to address a pressing need across all forms of media – the lack of representation of people with disabilities in content and in jobs. The site contains videos, articles and podcasts created by students at Quinnipiac University highlighting disability issues. Check out the website and follow their efforts on social media: