‘Me Before You’ draws criticism for portrayal of disability

 A new film that tells the story of a man who becomes a quadriplegic has kindled a debate about how people with disabilities are represented. A number of disability advocates have criticized the movie for using an actor who does not have a disability to play one of the main characters and for perpetuating stereotypes about disability.

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Dan Barry’s ‘Boys in the Bunkhouse’ is Now a Book

The 2014 winner of the Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability, Dan Barry, has a new book based on the award-winning article, “The Boys in the Bunkhouse.” In the book, Barry profiles a group of men with intellectual disabilities who worked in servitude for decades in an Iowa turkey processing plant for almost no pay. Barry also examines the ensuing fight for better working conditions for those with disabilities. The book, from Harper Collins, is available in hardcover and e-book. For more information