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The Daily Beast

“Nearly 30 Percent of Vets Treated by V.A. Have PTSD”

In September, it was announced that an estimated three out of every ten veterans who have served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars since 9/11 have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This comes after criticism was leveled at the agency for its delays in making decisions on disability claims filed by veterans.

The issue of what life is like for veterans after their tours of duty has been well-covered by news outlets over the past decade, and recently, NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams profiled one soldier’s post-war experience back home.

The article from The Daily Beast, written by Jaime Reno, quotes a source as saying the V.A. did not want to make the fact that nearly 250,000 veterans are living with PTSD public. Over 830,000 service members have fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined, according to the article.