Resources for journalists in the reporting phase of a story. Click on the title of the resource to access.

Disability Reporting 101
In the video below, two experts remind you what reporters should do before, during and after interviewing someone with a disability.

You can find a helpful tip sheet for interviewing people with disabilities here.

Experts list
A list of sources with expertise in a range of disability issues. They have agreed to respond to reporters’ questions and make themselves available for interviews. Find the experts list here.

Using data to cover disability issues
A list of resources developed by data reporter Jennifer LaFleur for gathering disability data. Find the list here.

Why the disability community matters
An overview of recent facts, statistics and trends within the disability community that could spark story ideas for journalists and newsrooms. This presentation is by Erica McFadden, executive director of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. Find the presentation here.

Improving disability journalism

The video embedded above offers an overview of current facts, stats and trends within the disability community from Erica McFadden, Executive Director of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.

Investigating disability issues
A tip sheet that explains important federal disability laws, plus methods reporters can utilize in investigative reporting. Find the tip sheet here.

Writing well about disability
This primer from website The Open Notebook outlines the common pitfalls journalists fall into when writing about disability and how to avoid them by finding a newsworthy story. Find the primer here.

How journalists can better cover disability
A Columbia Journalism Review article by Wendy Lu offers more advice on how journalists can — and should — avoid so-called “inspiration porn.” Find the article here.

Disability through media advocacy
This comprehensive course developed by Beth Haller, unit by unit, takes students through important disability and media history, and examines how you can use advocacy to raise awareness for disability issues. Find the course here.

Resources for reporters writing about blindness and vision loss
This comprehensive reporters’ guide from the American Foundation for the Blind includes helpful tips for interviewing and reporting about people who are blind.

Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute Resource Toolkit for Covering Disability