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The Concord Monitor

“I’m one of the 26 percent with mental illness”

In this recent article from the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire, reporter Annmarie Timmins provides a deeply personal, detailed perspective on her experience as a person with mental illness. After struggling with whether or not to include her story in the newspaper’s series on mental illness, called “In Crisis,” Timmins has received a great deal of positive feedback. Timmins describes her childhood and the beginnings of her depression, along with the difficulties of psychiatric care (finding and keeping mental health counselors in the state for an extended period of time) and the invaluable support she received from her husband.

The first-person account is part of a larger series at the newspaper called “In Crisis,” which explains the need for a reform of New Hampshire’s mental healthcare system through stories of various people in the state. The home page for this series can be found here.