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How Journalists Are Covering Disability and Employment

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which celebrates American workers with disabilities. The National Center on Disability and Journalism gathered a range of articles about the issue, which delve into everything from disability employment statistics to continuing discrimination against workers with disabilities.

St-Louis Post Dispatch: “25 years after the ADA became law, the disabled continue to be absent from workforce”
Doug Moore examines what he believes are the shortcomings of the Americans with Disabilities Act as its 25th anniversary rolls around. Read more

University Herald: “Wheelchair Sports Linked to Higher Employment, Economic Impact” 
A study from the University of Houston finds an interesting link between adaptive sports and employment. Read more

The Daily Beast: “Slave Wages for the Disabled”
In Michigan, a debate is brewing over wages paid to certain people with disabilities. Read more

Disability Scoop: “Job Market Sluggish For Those With Disabilities”
An update on how people with disabilities are faring in the job market. Read more

The New York Times: “Op-Ed: Disability Laws Are Not Enough to Combat Discrimination”
Why one writer thinks the ADA hasn’t done enough in securing employment for the nation’s disabled. Read more

Medical Daily: “People With Disability Struggle To Find Employment, Especially If They’re Single, Male, Or Less Educated”
A look at data in disability employment — and what factors might influence whether or not a disabled person secures a job. Read more

Bloomberg BNA: “Model Firm Says Disability Inclusion Helps Business”
Top companies share their success in including those with disabilities. Read more

Society For Human Resource Management: “Southwest Cities Rank High for People with Disabilities; Nev. and Fla. Cities Score Low”
Some cities rank better than others when it comes to living with a disability – the SHRM breaks down the data. Read more

PR Week: “How to navigate the challenges of accommodating staff with mental disabilities”
PR Week provides a guide for employers on helping employees with mental disabilities. Read more

The Huffington Post: “4 Reasons You Should Hire People with Disabilities”
One writer outlines how important it is to challenge the public perception of the word “disability.” Read more