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The Root

Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman Surprises Hearing-Impaired Fans 

Derrick Coleman, fullback for the Seattle Seahawks and first legally deaf player on the NFL, surprised a couple of his biggest fans with tickets to the Super Bowl. Coleman surprised nine-year-old twins Riley and Erin Kovalcik while the girls were taping a segment for Good Morning America. The girls, who are also hearing impaired, had written Coleman a letter that went viral expressing their admiration of his accomplishments despite having a disability. Read more.

The New York Times

NFL Agrees to Settle Concussion Suit for $765 Million

The NFL agreed to shell out $765 million Thursday to settle a lawsuit brought by thousands of retired players accusing the league of hiding the dangers of brain injury. The settlement may be perceived as a win for the league, which makes nearly $10 billion in annual revenue, as terms do not require the NFL to admit guilt.