Massachusetts urges hospitals to better prepare for dementia patients

Hospitals frighten many patients but they can be especially confusing and traumatic for people with dementia. According to a story for the Boston Globe by Felice J. Freyer, hospitals in Massachusetts are making an effort to better accommodate patients with memory loss. Freyer reports that the loud, high-tech hospital environment is disorienting to patients with “fragile minds,” and staff frequently rely on sedatives to calm confused patients. Freyer interviewed family caregivers, Alzheimer’s advocacy groups and hospital executives to learn more about the problem and how hospitals are making improvements.

Welsh cinema screening dementia-friendly films

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and one community arts center in Wales is using the occasion to host a series of dementia-friendly films. The goal of the series if to spark memories in dementia patients so the films will be silver screen classics like Some Like It Hot and Calamity JaneFollow this link to a BBC News article by Karl Yapp to learn more.

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House outfitted for people with disabilities

One out of five individuals over the age of 70 struggles with dementia. This also includes those with developmental disabilities and mental illness. To help these individuals, Seguin Services, a not-for-profit organization serving people with disabilities, has created a unique living environment where both needs are serviced.